Giant Robots, 1: Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.

Here is another robot thing I’m gonna try out. I don’t really know what to do with the “ROBOTS” page other then talk about cool robots. So that’s what I’m gonna do along with the “DAILY AWESOME ROBOT THEME” thing. Since I’m new to most robot things this will probably contain mostly gundams but hey, whats wrong with that? Gundams are awesome.

And with out further adieu


The second to last form of the Gurren Lagann is probably with out checking every single super robot out there, my favourite super robot design. I love the giant crazy frills on the side of its shoulders and its colour scheme the dark navy blues, red and golds work so well togeaher.(considering what my favourite gundam is maybe i have a thing for navy blue on robots?) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann had a pretty awesome entance in to the series in the final episode but man, to me the way everything was shot and animated. Slowly emerging from the OCEAN IN SPACE might just be the most “epic” introduction to a super robot ever at very least the best one in Gurren Lagann.

I love Gurren lagann. Most people say the best half of the show is the first half. (at least from the people I have talked to) and I do like the first half of the show. Just something about the second half, epically in the last few episodes when SUPER GALAXY Gurren lagann shows up that makes me LOVE the show. The sacrifices made to get to the level of  SUPER GALAXY Gurren lagann are some of the highest in the series and that’s just to from the robot! they have to literately rise out of the OCEAN IN SPACE just for a chance that they might put a scratch on the opposing force. But with its SUPER GIGA DRILL BREAK and giant drills coming out of every single whole on its body! you know that it will pull through cause that’s just how they roll.

Its just something about this robot that completly jive with my personal favourite design ascetics. This might seem a little odd to say, but I think the legs really have something to do with it. Normally with most robots (espically gundams [most gundams anyway]) from the waist down is essentially all the same with a few tweaks here or there. I dont want to call them “boring” but I guess an easy way to describe it would be to say I have built a lot of gundam model kits and the most boring part is always the legs, though very necessary and still pretty cool looking its just kinda “eh, those sure are legs”. But the legs on the SUPER GALAXY Gurren lagann  are really cool and stand out especially with the almost comical drill on the feet.

Those huge gold drills something about just how crazy big they are just make it work. they are not TOO big but they are not to tiny. I do like how we actually get to see what is under them which is a giant turbine on each side repetitively. I think drills in Gurren laggan aside from being kinda a phallic symbol. I mean the whole show is about how the more manly-man you are the stronger your drills can break through things and something about pericing haven, i don’t even know. But I DO know that the shoulders are awesome and they really make it stand out at very least from the other Gurren Lagann Mecha

The SUPER GALAXY Gurren lagann  is mainly different from all the other Gurren Lagann mecha in that its mostly navy blue and gold instead of the usual red and black, which is here represented on the head and the chest. Speaking of the chest, I really like the more angular design it has going on. Its again very different from the others. I’m not trying to say I dislike the other mecha in the show. I really do love epically just Gurren Lagann its self. The chest of SUPER GALAXY Gurren lagann  kinda reminds me of the Mazinkaiser’s chest too in-fact the colours are kinda like the kaiser’s as well, so that’s kinda cool


I don’t really know how I’m going to format every one of this It rally might differ deepening on the robot. All I can really say about SUPER GALAXY Gurren lagann  is that it is pure undiluted awesome. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to show some video from each robot I post about. Its kind of hard to show of and explain how awesome an animated giant robot is with out the animation. So after i have said my piece I will show a clip or a scene that I think is really awesome that features that robot. I will try and keep it spoiler free and in Japanese so that you cant really understand what is going on in context. So here it is the greatest super robot entrance of all time! (I think)

Aint’ that just awesome?

If you don’t like SUPER GALAXY Gurren lagann  or just don’t like Gurren Lagann at all as a series. This is all just my opinion just cause I think its the most badass super robot of all time doesn’t mean you have to. Just remember FIGHT DA POWAH!



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