Kamen Rider Fourze: Review – It gets ya’ in the right place.

Do you like having a good time? Do you like when what you watch is also having a good time? Do you like when your entrainment is silly and knows it but takes its silliness very seriously? Then number one, you are awesome! Number two you should watch Kamen Rider Fourze. Even if you have no idea what a “Kamen Rider” is and are left blank at how to even pronounce “Fourze” (for the record its four – zee. Like four then zero). Still its awesome!

Now, I know what you may be thinking. If you are thinking that heros in spandex suits and motorcycle helmets is dumb. Then you probably are not gonna get over it and you should stop reading now. But if you can have a since of humour about what you watch the please read on.

This is the very basic plot to the show. Kamen Rider Fourze takes place in a very 1980’s American teen movie type high school. With all diffrent types of “clicks”. There’s the jocks, princess, the nerds, etc, etc. The hero of Kamen Rider Fourze is a guy named Gentaro. He has a very bancho like look to him sporting a pompadour hair style. Right away this guy is awesome. Though he looks kinda intimidating. He is really a super nice guy and can you guess his goal? His goal is to literally be friends with everyone in the school! That’s so silly and over the top that it comes right back around to awesome. And this guy he wont take no for an answer. He WILL befriend you! Weather you like it or not.

I dont know how best to describe my feelings about Fourze. I really do enjoy the series its really fun and entertaining Vi-an and I watch as regularly as we can. We are behind on a Couple of the current episodes. I believe we are going on to episode 21. Just so you know where I’m up to when talking about this series. I don’t really feel like spoiling anything in the main story. Though not much I could spoil. Kamen Rider Fourze is mostly full of glorious moments of “YEAH!” and extremity awesome and silly things happening in almost every scene.

I want to get away from summarizing what happens in the show. Because if you do know the show, its boring. If you don’t know the show its just spoilers or stuff you don’t know about. So that’s no fun for anyone. Also it would be pretty boring to write. You can go to wikipedia to find out what the show is about. I think the thing about this show for me is its a lot like Gurren Lagann in a ways. Its very “epic”, very over the top, very silly, and just feels so fun to watch. You just don’t want it to end when the episode is over. It just seems to genuine, like the people that are making it are having just as much fun if not more then you are watching it.

The cast in this show is awesome. I love over the top character types especially “shonen”anime type leads. Each character though kind of a stereotype is enough of a character that that you are not bored if its not the main character being spotlighted. Though i just said they are stereotypes they do a really good job of turning each “type” on its head and you never really expect what is going to happen when each of the main cast finaly has their moment. Sealed by a hand shake of friendship of course. Which also increases in “awesomeness”every time it happens.

You know, like most people when I first saw the Fourze suit I though “eh, looks really dumb. Why the space theme?” But now it is probably my favourite rider suit design at least for the “character”that the suit hat (I think Joker is still my favourite design). I love the poses and expressions they can get out of the suit just by tilting his head or pointing at the enemy. More then any other rider show that i have seen, this feels the most like its really the character in the suit and not just a suit actor and a voice over. They make me believe it. I love the silly angry eyebrows and i love how stupid big the belt it. Its just all so much fun.

I love the transformation into the rider for this show. It has a count down in it that when the belt yells out “THREE TWO ONE” it just hits you in that place that makes the 12 year old in you get excited. He also has a sort of catchphrase he shouts every time he becomes Fourze and that is “Its space time!!” and every time he transforms or “henshins”as is more fun to say but means exactly the same thing. He throws his hands up in the air and each episode increasingly funny camera takes happen. Like for example he will shout “Its space time!” and the camera will pull up from him all the way into outer space past the moon! That’s just awesome.

The tone of the show is what I think I love most about it though. Its just so stupendously silly and it knows it, it knows it very, very well. That said, it takes its silliness very seriously. It does not pause to stop and take the abundance aside and go “hey, you see this? This is really wacky!”. It juts goes with it throwing you in head first fully believing in what its trying to do. That’s what makes it so fun. Its not trying to hard to be fun, it just IS fun. If Kamen Rider Decade is like hard whisky its a little dark, a little strong and the taste is kinda confusing. Then kamen Rider Fourze is a super fun “blue lagoon”its sweet, fun to drink and a little silly to look at, but after a few of them you feel just the right kind of buzz. I’m not trying to say whisky is bad. I’m just saying a blue lagoon is more to my personal tastes.

If you like more serious rider shows that’s fine. Hey, I like what I have seen of Kabuto. Just personally Kamen Rider Fourze is the best rider show and best tokusatsu I have seen so far. Literally as i write this sentience something just came to me. I remember hearing that Fourze is written by the same guy that wrote Gurren Lagann. That seriously enplanes so much I guess my saying it feels kinda like Gurren Lagann a while ago was not too out of place after all.

I love Kamen Rider Fourze, heck I named my hunter in WoW after him and my pet spider PowerDizer. It just has everything I love in my silly entertainment and I coudent ask for more out of it. I haven’t been disappointed by an episode yet and I don’t think I will.

I think if you read this and have not seen Fourze before you should just give the opening of the show a watch. I bet you’ll like it. If not, Switch off.

Just kidding.




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