Awesome Theme: 5. School Rumble: Second Semester

Okay, so this is the first song and this type of show I am posting on here.  First of all if you are judgin’ you are wrong, because School Rumble is awesome! In my Gintama review when I said the only good anime comedies I could think of were Gintama and Cromartie High school. I was wrong, because I forgot about School Rumble, how? I don’t know,(sometimes things just slip your mind) but School rumble is probably my favourite. Just like in Gintama, School rumble’s comedy is all about the characters. I even think School rumble does a better job of giving its even bigger cast its due. Every single character is at least interesting even if you don’t really relate to them. Though I think every guy can relate to Harima in one way or another! if not harima someone in the large cast. The story handles high school drama in a crazy and very funny way is very very effective. I think if you are not a big fan of high school type shows you should still give this one a shot. You will know if you like it by the first three episodes.

Now this opening is from the second season, It is just as awesome as the first season and improves on it in every way. This series has a set of episodes where the class splits up into two groups to have a super-serious air soft gun match to decide what kind of event they are going to have for the culture fest, It is awesome. I picked the second semester song because I like it a bit more. I do not dislike the first opening but this one just has something more “awesome” about it that makes it onto the awesome theme list.

Also this series has  one of the best lines in all of anime, “Damn, nothing but turtles”.


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