Awesome Theme: 6. GTO

GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka is one of those anime that I remember loving very much as I watched it. Now I don’t really remember too much from it aside from some gags and plot points. My opinions on what is funny and what makes a good show has changed a lot since I was in high school, the time when I saw GTO. One of the reasons I remember GTO fondly is because I have a friend whom in high school, his dream was to become GTB (Great Teacher Ben). I may not remember all of what happened in GTO but when I think about it I get really positive feelings and memories and inset that the greatest achievement of all storytelling in general? I think GTO as a character is awesome, maybe not very original but still awesome in how he is handled. A super badass who does what he wants when he wants and has a heart of gold but is also super broke, down on his luck and no one respects him. I respect you fictional teacher Onizuka. This song is pretty sweet too. I believe it is the first L’Arc-en-Ciel song to come up on this list so far, one of their best I think. There is also something about the video really striking to me and really melds well with me  aesthetically. I think it might be the way the animation flows and the camera movies. I want to get around to watching it again one day, maybe in a year or two. Eikichi Onizuka much like Koji Kabuto, will never die.

PS: one of the funniest things about GTO is that the kid that always got picked on and stuff had a t-shirt that he had all the time and it said “LOSER” on it. It always made me giggle.


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