Awesome Series: 17. Kamen Rider Kuuga

This is probably the best song in the history of the world. Kamen Rider Kuuga is awesome! I have not really seen any of the TV series and that’s kinda sad but I will track it down one day. I have seen him in Kamen Rider Decade though and he is far and away the best part of that shows main cast. I also think his suit is really awesome aside from Kabuto and Decade I think it is the only 1999-2009 rider suit that I like.

I love Kamen Rider Fourze, it is my favourite Kamen Rider series. It is good to have different foods in your diet though so I kinda hope the next rider series is more like Kuuga or something that might be fun. One guy turning into lots of different colours to confuse western people who have never seen Kaman Rider then see the opening and think that there is more then on main rider. Yup, I wasn’t fooled by that…nope.

What can I say? Kamen Rider Kuuga is a cool guy. Maybe to coolest.

PS: If there ever was a Sentai show with riders as the cast Kuuga would have to be red!


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