Drawing: New 52 Nightwing

I think this turned out pretty okay. It is the first time I have tried colouring anything with markers in over a year. The costume is a little off, I am not saying my drawing is better then the real thing but i think the new costume cane be a little over detailed at times like the lines down of the torso. But what do I know.



Some practice drawings from today.

These pictures are all just for practice and fun. I just took pictures of them because no point in scanning them till they are done. But I want to try and post the work I do every day so I can keep on top of it. A lot of these are very “eh” but I like some all right.


Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

Venture bros; S.P.H.I.N.X team (Brock, Garry[21] and Shore Leave)

I don’t really know, some sort of fantasy setting pirate girl?

Leion Benatano (a character of mine)

Lucas running away from some trolls that he stole something from. (another character of mine)


Some faces I drew today.

Just trying to draw really lose face sketches in photoshop. I think the first one turned out pretty good. I tryed to copy the style and get the same effect with the second one but it kinda looks forced. So I tried a different approach with the third one and it turned out a little “eh”  something is wrong with the nose and left side cheek. I will try and fix it tomorrow maybe. Just three characters I have not drawn in a long time and wanted to give a spin again.