Daily Awesome Robot Theme 20: Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Ah~ Mobile Suit Victory Gundam- My favourite opening theme for a gundam series and one of the only that I have not seen and also the one I want to see most. I’m very interested in everything about this show and its interesting to think that this is the “darkest” so to speak gundam show. Absolutely love the design of the Victory Gundam (specificity V2 Gundam) and I think it has some of the best chracter designs in all of gundam.


Daily Awesome Robot Theme 9: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

I was going to wait till a much later date to post this one. But I have had a change of heart and mind about when to post this. This is the opening of Gundam SEED, my favourite anime of all time. Sure it may not be the best gundam series but its still my favourite for many, many reasons. The most important reason of all being that it lead me to meet the love of my life Vi-an and I don’t  know where I would be today with out her. So  this one goes out to her. Its been 10 years since this showed in Japan for the first time, about seven years since I first saw it on TV, and almost our third year of being together, I wouldn’t trade this adventure for the world. I love, you Sweetie.