Naohito Takahashi – Meanest Mother on the block

Hummm…Something is fishy and also awesome here…I don’t know if I can see it.


Writing for RANT Gaming

Hey everyone. Just writing a quick post to say that for about a week now I have been hired by the RANT Gaming website (Go check out – get your game on!) Its a video game website that is just getting started up. It has a bunch of cool blog posts you should probably check out that are way better then the ones I make. (especially go check out Vi-an’s she has some really cool stuff written up.) I have never really done anything like it before in my life, it is a little intimidating but I am getting more used to it now that I have made some posts. I am trying to get some more Ideas flowing for what to write. I should have one coming out tonight that has been a monster to work on. (I don’t know if I will ever do a top 10 again.) Also should have something coming out before the end of the week. I can’t speak to if I am any good at it yet as only time will tell. But I am having fun with it and I am trying to make some cool, if not exactly cutting edge talk about video games. At least something that is fun to read.

By the way, Please check out my blog section there! so far I have a post about how Super Mario World got me into video games and how there should be a true 2D Kamen Rider fighting game.