Awesome Series: 16. FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood -again- (Boys into Men! – Shonen Week)

In the end it was kinda getting hard to come up with tittles that i knew enough to talk about but that also were not the “Big Three”. Though I think its kind of funny that we call them the big Three yet only one of them is MEGA SUPER POPULAR in japan and the other two are super popular but probably just because they run in weekly shonen jump. Would be funny to see what happened if Naruto or Bleach ran in Shonen GanGan. Which we are covering a series out of for the final day of shonen week. If you know the name Shonen GanGan you probably already know what it is. and or also looked at the title for this.

FullMetal Alchmist, Brotherhood specifically, is the best shonen series I have seen in my life. It has everything you want in that kind of story, Awesome characters, a strong world to build ideas off of, great art some of my favourite art in any anime but hey that’s Studio Bones for you. it also has lots of drama and good action, and also kind of contrary to the beliefs of this website but is still a good thing about it, not everything can be solved by punching and kicking Sometimes you just can’t fix a problem with force.

I am of the opinion that FullMetal Alchmist brotherhood has possibly the best climax in any shonen series, maybe any anime series ever. I want to go into that more at a later date. but for now I will just say that I think it is super awesome. Some people seem to think the ending takes too long to build up or that there is no breaks in the climax to take a breather. I don’t share this opinion at all. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole last section of the show and I have not been on the edge of my seat since if found the GaoGaiGar opening theme. I can’t wait to re-watch it again.

Normally here I would say “well if you are into this kind of thing” you should check this out if you want. But I am saying right now. If you like anime at all. if you like action and drama at all. there is a 99% that you too will love this series.


Awesome Theme: 8. Cheeky Angel

If someone were to ask me what I thought was an underrated anime. I would not say something like “Cross Game” or “Wolfs Rain” shows that clearly have a lot of  fans and people know about them. When I think underrated I think; Cheeky Angel. I  have almost never met anyone that has seen the anime for Cheeky Angel. Honestly it was only by chance that I even saw it. You see back in the early days of high school when I was just getting into anime with shows like “InuYasha” (What was I thinking?) and Gundam SEED. My friend, who had a friend that burned a lot of subtitled anime onto disc and would lend it to him. (I don’t even want to go into the crazy ways we used to trade shows. I hurts my mind to even think about it now.) One day he lent me two shows, Black Cat (which is pretty bad aside from some pretty cool looking parts, some of GONZO’s best work art wise) and Cheeky Angel or “Tenshi na Konamiki”. I blew through Black Cat in less then two days and loved it.(I had bad taste back in high school) After a bit of pushing for my friend saying the show was indeed awesome I decided to watch it, and oh my, it was Awesome!

Honestaly the first hand full of episodes are pretty boring with some stand out parts that do make you want to keep watching. But I would say the show does not hit its stride until about 11-13 episodes in so if you do check it out just think of it as a Sunrise robot show. I think this was the first anime that ever introduced the whole “manly man have to do manly things!” type of a spirit, and now I can’t get enough of that kinda story telling. This show is all about the characters and how they interact with each other. They can be kind of one note such as “nerdy pervert guy” or “Straight edge, honor bound guy” but they are still awesome. The humor is much like the style School Rumble has. You do not really need to care about the over all plot. Just go with the flow and enjoy the crazy things that happen. This series has one of my favourite climax’s in all of anime  the ending is perfect for the series.

Everyone that reads this and does not know about this series please, please go check it out! It needs more fans!