Daily Awesome Robot Theme 17: Tetsujin 28-Go

In 1963 the very first giant robot anime ever was created. Tetsujin 28-go! more commonly known as just Tetsujin 28 or Gigantor in the US. There has been many remakes of Tetsujin 28 over these many years. This is the Grand grand father of all giant robot anime, and most anime in general everyone interested in anime should at least know about Tetsujin 28  Though I have never seen the original series it does look awesome. If I ever see those Gigantor dvd Tins at a convention or something I would defiantly snap them up.

PS: Did you know that Akira’s creator Katsuhiro Otomo was heavily influenced by Tetsujin 28? Akira is chock full of little things that pay homage to the big ol’ robot.


Daily Awesome Robot Theme 11: Patlabor the Mobile Police (TV)

I have never seen Patlabor one or two (shame I know) but I really do want to see them one day. I am also really intrested in the TV series too though. I love the character and mecha designs in Patlabor. I also really like the idea of  the Labors (the big robots) being glorified police cars, that they don’t have any powers or anything. I think that is really neat.