Daily Awesome Robot Theme 21: Kotetsushin Jeeg

Another remake of a crazy Go Nagai show, with a crazy robot powered by magnets! Oh that crazy ol’ Go Nagai


Daily Awesome Robot Theme 13: Macross 7

Macross 7 I think is kind of like the Mobile Fighter G Gundam of Macross. Its very polarizing with people and is a drastic style change. They also both followed very serious entities in the franchise’s (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam and Macross Plus). I love G Gundam, and though I have not seed Macross 7. I really do want to see it. It looks tragically 90’s though, but that just makes it more awesome. I love that its just a dude with a guitar in a giant transforming robot with a guitar. Besides all of that the 3D shot at the start of this opening is awesome.