Awesome Series: 13. Get Backers (Boys into Men! – Shonen Week!)

Get Backers is super gay. I am not using ‘gay’ in the way that dumb teenagers use gay to mean ‘something I don’t like or is stupid’. Get Backers is awesome gay. Awesome gay in the way that the show is almost 90% dudes and all of those dudes are wayyy more into each other then anyone else.  I was super into Get Backers in high school, it was probably in my top 10 for a long time. I don’t think it is any more but I still think it has a lot of really cool parts to it, also some really silly parts; cloths that repair them self anyone?

I think the best thing about Get Backers like most things is its characters. Are they really stand out characters? Or genera defining characters? No, not really but they work very, very well in the way the are implement and work well in the crazy world. The powers that the characters have can be kinda cool especially when it gets into the one-up mans ship that shonen series go into a lot of the times. The powers range from things like electircty to things like sliding scalpels out of skin to the ability to control animals. Get Backers ran in the same magazine as Hajime no Ippo, Weekly Shonen Magazine (not to be confused with Weekly Shonen Jump).

I think someone looking for something different then the average shonen adventure series would enjoy this a breath of fresh air. Maybe you would not like the whole thing but I think you could get something out of at least the first season. Get Backers is a lot like a bottle of Cream Soda. Its pretty sweet, it feels silly drinking the whole thing but it was fun to drink when you were drinking it. So yeah, it is indeed a good time just don’t expect the world just expect the awesome gay!