Okay, Phew. I just reorganized most of the site and I think it has become way more user friendly. (Ha, users. on this site?) I have changed some of the headings and organized their contents so that the page will give you a list of everything under that topic. So now you can just click on what you would like to see. It looks a little bit silly for some of the pages, seeing as they have almost no content. But when they get more filled out (fingers crossed) it will be way more streamlined.

I have also changed the contents of the “ROBOTS” page. It no longer contains the “Daily Awesome Robot themes”. This is for a couple reasons. One, they take up so much space from any other content that I have there. (at the time of this post, one other thing) Two, I have decided that I would just make a separate page called “Awesome Themes”. That will not limit its self to just theme songs about giant robots but all awesome things.

I hope to actually start using this website to provide some cool content that people might actually want to take a look at. I am going to do my best in the future to have daily up keep. I have a few small project ideas for the site that may show up sometime soon depending on how things work out. For the 3 or 4 people reading this site right now I hope you will continue to as I try and write and do some more fun things for it. Just remember to keep living the super robot way; Doing everything with lots of guts and full of energy that could rip space apart!



Daily Awesome Robot Theme: Overman King Gainer

From the man that brought you the Byston Well saga wing and Zambot 3! (and also some little things like Mobile suit Gundam, Zeta, ZZ, Char’s Counter attack, F91,  Victory, and Turn A) Yoshiyuki Tomino! He created this little crazy series and it…sure is something, I’m not quite sure what but it is something. I do like the cheesey song though.  I first saw the Overman King Gainer in the trailer for a ps3 game from Japan Another Century Episode R and he really stands out that is for sure.