Naohito Takahashi – Meanest Mother on the block

Hummm…Something is fishy and also awesome here…I don’t know if I can see it.


Awesome Theme: 3. Berserk

This song will never get old and no matter how silly it is when someone says “Berserk” the first thing I think in my head is “Tell me why!? Tell me why!? Tell me what you are!?”. Its just so awesome how kind of out of place it is yet it still fits. The biggest disappointment about the new berserk movies for me is that this song is not included. Yeah, Sure, Forces is good and epic and all that. But this song is just so awesome. I also think its really funny that the opening is mostly just Guts posing and doesn’t tell you anything about the story except Guts has a big sword, but really I guess that is all you need to know about how awesome Berserk is. The manga is on a diffident level but I will always love this anime and this song.