Daily Awesome Robot Theme 20: Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Ah~ Mobile Suit Victory Gundam- My favourite opening theme for a gundam series and one of the only that I have not seen and also the one I want to see most. I’m very interested in everything about this show and its interesting to think that this is the “darkest” so to speak gundam show. Absolutely love the design of the Victory Gundam (specificity V2 Gundam) and I think it has some of the best chracter designs in all of gundam.


Daily Awesome Robot Theme 13: Macross 7

Macross 7 I think is kind of like the Mobile Fighter G Gundam of Macross. Its very polarizing with people and is a drastic style change. They also both followed very serious entities in the franchise’s (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam and Macross Plus). I love G Gundam, and though I have not seed Macross 7. I really do want to see it. It looks tragically 90’s though, but that just makes it more awesome. I love that its just a dude with a guitar in a giant transforming robot with a guitar. Besides all of that the 3D shot at the start of this opening is awesome.


Daily Awesome Robot Theme 9: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

I was going to wait till a much later date to post this one. But I have had a change of heart and mind about when to post this. This is the opening of Gundam SEED, my favourite anime of all time. Sure it may not be the best gundam series but its still my favourite for many, many reasons. The most important reason of all being that it lead me to meet the love of my life Vi-an and I don’t  know where I would be today with out her. So  this one goes out to her. Its been 10 years since this showed in Japan for the first time, about seven years since I first saw it on TV, and almost our third year of being together, I wouldn’t trade this adventure for the world. I love, you Sweetie.

Gundam Extreme Vs: Review

Have you ever wanted to see Amuro Ray battle against Kira Yamato? Or see Uso Ewin and Domon Kasshu team up? Or maybe some of you out there wanna beat any Gundam Wing suit into the ground until you see that satisfying explosion? If you understand any of that then you are probably a pretty hard core Gundam fan and you will want to pick up this game to experience the “awesome-ness” of it.

This game is amazing for both new and old fans of Gundam. There is mobile suit and characters from every animated series of Gundam (before 2011), some of the manga and ova’s as well. Each series has two to four suits in it, more if you have more then one season or a movie (SEED, 00). Both of my friends that have the game are not too experienced with the Gundam franchise. They know a few series, but this game is exposing them to more. On the flip side of that there is myself and I have seen most of or know about almost all of the series in the game. (I don’t really know much about MS Igloo or Crossbone) So it’s cool to be able to play as all the mobile suits I remember and love.

I feel like there were some great choices for suits in this game and some down right “what are you thinking!?” choices. Of course they have the obligatory Rx-78-2, Zeta, Strike, and 12 Char suits. Im really glad to see things like Delta Plus, Turn X, Dynames, and Acguy. That said, there is some really odd choices. There is things like the LaGwoe from Gundam Seed, (oh what? Like there wasn’t any other major gundams from that series you could have put in?) Cherudim Gundam did we really need two Lockon suits? I understand the three Setsuna Suits I guess, Gundam 00 Just wrapped a while ago and the main suits from that show were really popular. But unless I have brain damage or something there was FOUR leads in that show. Maybe they could have traded Cherudim for Arios? Also Including Gundam Wing in your gundam game? Unforgivable! (okay I’m just kidding about that one)

Though gotta say, no Noble Gundam is a missed opportunity.

The game is ported from an arcade game that used a ps3 to run it. So its only natural that we get a large arcade mode in the game There are eight levels across and six levels down. You can start on A1-F1 and move through them even go up a level or down one after winning. In total that makes 48 arcade levels you can battle through. Once you reach stage 8 is when you battle the Extreme Gundam voiced by J-pop idol Gackt. He is with lack of a better word Extreme he is pretty hard to fight since most of the things he can do cover a wide area of effect. Also he has a guitar as a gun and a guitar case as a shield, so that’s awesome.

I really like the Extreme Gundam Design. After playing the game I understand why he is not playable. I still wouldn’t mind the model of him though.

There is also a VS Mode where you can play locally with your friends. I don’t really recommend playing this way if you can avoid it unless you have a massive TV screen. We were playing on a 46” and the screen where you can see your suit is a little less then a 3ed. If you have no other option for playing with friends though its still fun. Just be weary that your screen will be much smaller then you expect. What the mode can mainly be used for is for practice. You can fight from one to three opponents and you can set them on varying difficulties from easy to extreme! (real men play on extreme!) If you know how the set up for a Super Smash Brothers game works, that’s kinda how the Vs select screen is designed only you scroll through the suits one at a time in your box. But you can change teams and settings for individual players.

I’m going to save the online decision for last since it will be the most fun to talk about. But under the online options, in the main menu, there is a mission mode. This will help teach new players the controls and basic from of play. Even if you cant read Japanese the pictures it shows are really straight forward. Once you mess around with the game a little I suggest you go here and it will really improve your game.

Mission mode is not just for training though there are some incredibly hard missions. INCREDIBLY HARD. For example after playing a few some what challenging missions. There is one where you must fight the Turn X and four grunts from Turn A Gundam, this is the easy part. After you have dispatched of them a new wave of 3 grunts will fly into the ring. As soon as you destroy the first on you have five seconds to kill the other two. FIVE SECONDS! They don’t even come at you all they do is run and dodge. This may only sound a little hard in theory. But believe me its crazy. Its the most maddening mission I have come across but there are other really hard ones as well. Give ’em all a try.

This game is so crazy fun mostly due to the online feature where you can battle people around the world. Or if you are lucky enough to have friends like my self, who also have the game you can battle them. Understanding the menus can be tough in the online section of the game cause if you go around pressing buttons willy-nilly you will end up in a match and you will not be able to quit. And if you are anything like me you will get your butt kicked. Once you figure it out though its pretty easy to navigate.

If you can figure out how to set up a match with your friends that’s when the game really shines. Every match the teams will shuffle so most of the time you will not have the same partner. I’m sure there is a way to change this setting but I have not found it yet, though I quite like the shuffle. When we played online we only had 3 people so there was always a CPU. If you mess around with the settings a bit I’m sure after a bit of trial and error you will be able to set it up how you like best.

If you just want to get into an online game and don’t know anyone that plays the game getting into a standard online match is really easy: if you keep clicking things you will eventually end up in something. There was almost no lag in the connection at all while we were playing. There was a about a two second lag at the beginning of one of the first matches we played but the battle had not even started. My internet is terrible so if mine can handle it I’m pretty positive yours can as well.

The game is very beautiful its just the right mix of cartoonie and 3d that you would want out of a gundam game. It shines amazingly in HD with nice crisp and sharp colours. The gundams are rendered perfectly and the characters are shown in cut away still shots that appear at the start of matches and when you press your super mode button. They show up in 2d and look exactly like the do in their respective series. Some of the effects for the super mode are downright amazing. I really enjoy seeing the 00 series gundams use their “Trans-Am” modes the after images look really slick.

The suits in the game are really balanced. Most of the suits with less flashy or devastating moves have really good assist characters that they can call out for a few seconds. For example the Rx-78-2 can call Hayato in the Guntank and it will fire some shots at the enemy. Some suits have no assist at all though but have much stronger single attacks. If you are worried about using something like the God Gundam (Burning Gundam for those good old G Gundam dub lovers like my self) against something more range heavy. Don’t because the more close range gundams are very fast and have ways to pull appoints close to you or shock them into being stuck in their tracks.

One of the gundams I like playing as most is the Nu Gundam. The Satisfying noise when you launch the funnels and watch them fly off to attack your opponents. As well the back flip he does when he fires the hyper bazooka. It just looks so cool and is really fun to play as. But comes at a cost his life is worth 3000 points (normal matches have 6000 points for each team) so if you lose twice you are done. On the other side of that a gundam that I find really fun to play as and is only 2000 points is Exia. The Exia is very fast and has GN Daggers it can throw at your opponent to shock them so you can get in close with the blade. The Exia also gains an extra 100 life when it is destroyed and becomes the Exia Repair version giving you second wind so to speak.

Every gundam i have played has been fun in one way or another. If you do play you really have to try a whole bunch to find what suits you best. With over 30 suits it should not be hard (or maybe way to hard?) to find one you like. Some suits I thought I would play a lot I ended up really disliking. (I’m looking at you Strike Freedom) Others I did not think I would play at all and really enjoyed.(Delta Plus, Rx-78-2) Its all up to you really. There are no “bad” suits in the game. Some are a little overpowered or so it would seem but if you find the right technique you can take down the Infinite Justice with the Hexa. Its all personal taste.

I do have one minor complaint about the game, though its more a personal thing then tied to the game. They have started to release individual gundams as DLC. They are all 500 yen or about 7.50 American, which honestly is a little much for one add on mobile suit. But I understand it’s the Japanese pricing. The only way to buy one of these gundams is to either have a Japanese credit card, or order a Japanese PSN card if you look around the net you can find them. I guess I am just a little bummed that the Freedom Gundam is DLC and not in the game instead of the LaGowe. (the Freedom being my favourite gundam of all time) But I know that is really nitpick. You can download the Hi-Nu Gundam for free though depending on which version of the game you have you will need a PSN account of that country(if you have the Japanese version and cant find it you can leave a comment and i will try and help you.)

All in all the game is really fun for what it is. And what it is, is a great time for all gundam fans and even people looking to get into gundam. The combat is really fun and there is loads of content to keep you going for a long, long time. I have been waiting almost two years for this game to come out on consoles and it was well worth the wait. It’s the most fun I have had with an action/acrade game in a very long time! If you are a gundam fan and you have a PS3 and some extra and I mean lots of extra money laying around. Pick this awesome game up!

Gundam fight ready! GO!


-Edited by: Vi-an (Thanks, Baby!)