Kamen Rider Fourze: Review – It gets ya’ in the right place.

Do you like having a good time? Do you like when what you watch is also having a good time? Do you like when your entrainment is silly and knows it but takes its silliness very seriously? Then number one, you are awesome! Number two you should watch Kamen Rider Fourze. Even if you have no idea what a “Kamen Rider” is and are left blank at how to even pronounce “Fourze” (for the record its four – zee. Like four then zero). Still its awesome!

Now, I know what you may be thinking. If you are thinking that heros in spandex suits and motorcycle helmets is dumb. Then you probably are not gonna get over it and you should stop reading now. But if you can have a since of humour about what you watch the please read on.

This is the very basic plot to the show. Kamen Rider Fourze takes place in a very 1980’s American teen movie type high school. With all diffrent types of “clicks”. There’s the jocks, princess, the nerds, etc, etc. The hero of Kamen Rider Fourze is a guy named Gentaro. He has a very bancho like look to him sporting a pompadour hair style. Right away this guy is awesome. Though he looks kinda intimidating. He is really a super nice guy and can you guess his goal? His goal is to literally be friends with everyone in the school! That’s so silly and over the top that it comes right back around to awesome. And this guy he wont take no for an answer. He WILL befriend you! Weather you like it or not.

I dont know how best to describe my feelings about Fourze. I really do enjoy the series its really fun and entertaining Vi-an and I watch as regularly as we can. We are behind on a Couple of the current episodes. I believe we are going on to episode 21. Just so you know where I’m up to when talking about this series. I don’t really feel like spoiling anything in the main story. Though not much I could spoil. Kamen Rider Fourze is mostly full of glorious moments of “YEAH!” and extremity awesome and silly things happening in almost every scene.

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