Awesome Theme: 7. Tokyo Majin

More then a year ago at Anime North 2011 I was there with a friend and he was buying a probably bootleg mug of some shonen romance show. I believe I asked him “Do you even know that show? why would you buy a mug of a show you are not even really a fan of?” and he replied with “Well I don’t care about this show, I just like the characters and how it looks. Isn’t there a show like that that you like?” The first response that came to my head was “No, of course not” because what is the point of liking something let alone buying something from a show you do not care about. Then it hit me “Oh! Tokyo Majin!”

I really like Tokyo Majin, I have seen the whole thing a good few times. I can not tell you what happened at all in that show, I barely remember a single plot point especially in the first season. I think it is a totally forgettable show. That said, I do really like this show just for some of the cool fight animations and the art design really grabs me. I think this show has my favourite anime opening of all time, which is this song “Prayer” by ACID. I don’t know why, this song just really gets me going. especially the climax of the song. The little animation of Tatsuma turning into that fish and flying away is amazing. Let me be clear though, This show is not a guilty pleasure I do legitimately like the show and am not ashamed of it. I just think the show is not very good at all but still is one of the top shows I would just throw on to have in the background when drawing or something. I wouldn’t really recommend the show to anyone unless you like what you see in the opening credits her. Just be warned there is not much meat on the bone, still a fun time though for my moneys worth.