Daily Awesome Robot Theme 20: Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Ah~ Mobile Suit Victory Gundam- My favourite opening theme for a gundam series and one of the only that I have not seen and also the one I want to see most. I’m very interested in everything about this show and its interesting to think that this is the “darkest” so to speak gundam show. Absolutely love the design of the Victory Gundam (specificity V2 Gundam) and I think it has some of the best chracter designs in all of gundam.


Awesome Daily Robot theme 3: Voltes V

Voltes V it kind of looks like one of those robot shows that you would see in a line and go “wow that sure is a combining robot show from the 70s”. It sure is that but the song is awesome. I asked Vi-an to pick an opening theme from a list I made for today’s theme. She picked Voltes V cause she watched it when she was a kid. She got pretty excited when she heard the song. It is indeed a pretty rockin robot tune though. I like it.