Daily Awesome Robot Theme 19: Fafner in the Azure

Before I say anything, I love this song its really awesome it totally jams with the kinda j-pop I really like. But man oh man, this show. I bought the first dvd of Fafner a very long time ago, when chapters still sold anime dvds and anime dvds were 27$ for 4 episodes. As you may know Gundam SEED is my favourite anime so this show, having the same character designer I really wanted to check this out and the previews for it looked really cool. But when I actually watched the show I was so bored by it SO BORED I could not get into it or care about it at all. I have heard that it’s actually pretty good. I don’t know… I don’t think I will bring my self to ever revisit this series, save the opening.


Daily Awesome Robot Theme: Overman King Gainer

From the man that brought you the Byston Well saga wing and Zambot 3! (and also some little things like Mobile suit Gundam, Zeta, ZZ, Char’s Counter attack, F91,  Victory, and Turn A) Yoshiyuki Tomino! He created this little crazy series and it…sure is something, I’m not quite sure what but it is something. I do like the cheesey song though.  I first saw the Overman King Gainer in the trailer for a ps3 game from Japan Another Century Episode R and he really stands out that is for sure.